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Our Personnel

In combining service with competitive rates, we are able to offer our clients a cost effective solution to meet all their requirements.

We can achieve this by utilizing skilled Papua New Guinean crews thus allowing us to minimize the number of expatriates we have on site. This is done by employing highly experienced expatriate and PNG national supervisors to lead and manage our crews.  

Our crews consist of Papua New Guinean and Expatriate personnel who have extensive experience in the mining sector. 

  •     Reline Technicians

  •     Boilermakers

  •     Specialist Welders

  •     Pipe Fitters

  •     Fixed Plant Fitters

  •     Machinist

  •     Heavy Equipment Fitters

  •     Diesel Fitters

  •     Electricians

  •     Instrumentation Technicians

  •     Auto Electricians

  •     Trades Assistants

  •     Forklift Operators

  •     Scaffolders

  •     Crane Operators

  •     Riggers 

  •     Rubber liners

  •     Planners

  •     Leading Hands

  •     Shutdown Supervisors

  •     Safety Officers

  •     Site Admin/Logistic Officers

  •     Carpenters

  •     Concreters

  •     Construction Supervisors

Our Expatriate personnel consists of:

  •     Project Managers 

  •     Qualified Trainers

  •     Supervisors

  •     Liner Handler Operators

  •     Reline Technicians


Our Expatriate Reliners have years of experience in their respective fields and also have been tasked to train local employees in this specialized area. Our Papua New Guinean Reline crews have the experience and confidence to undertake the jobs at hand. 

Our Reliners go through site specific inductions which include:

  •     General Safety Induction

  •     Site/Area Inductions

  •     Confined Space Entry

  •     Lock-in/Tag-out

  •     Working at Heights




These trades personal have been in the Industries for years and have experiences in their respective fields which most of them required less supervision on a job. 


As per Client’s requirement when on site or on the job they go through Site Inductions such as;

  •     General Safety Induction

  •     Site/Area Inductions

  •     Lock-out / Tag-out

  •     Confine Space Entry

  •     Working at Heights

  •     Permit to Operated Equipment ( Upon request by Client or been nominated )

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