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Work Health & Safety Management

WFSP is a safety focused organization and adopts the governing mining safety statutory guidelines that apply to the industry providing a healthy and safe work environment. This commitment to protecting people and property also extends to ensuring that WFSP operations do not place others at risk of injury, illness or property damage.


Managers, Supervisors and Coordinators have overall responsibility for the provision of a safe and healthy working environment. We ensure that health and safety management is a key priority in all areas of planning and implementation within our places of work.


Using a risk managed approach, WFSP undertakes to provide:


  • Safe work environment at all sites where WFSP operates

  • Adequate information and training

  • A system for eliminating or minimizing hazards.


6.1 Safety Management Plan

WFSP has developed a key Safety Management Plan (SMP) that provides our management strategy for health and safety risk compliance to all plant and general maintenance operations for the crews. 


The WFSP SMP provides the objectives for compliance including:

All crews are trained, site specifically, ensuring at all times the safety of colleagues and themselves is paramount: 


  • Each employee understands their accountability for their own safety and that of others. 

  • No employee will be expected to perform work, which places them or others health and safety at risk. 

  • Ensure that the Health and Safety leaders are present within the operations and each work areas.

  • Ensuring the SMP is continuously updated with all new OHS standards. 

  • Maintaining awareness of all identified risks in the work environment area. 

  • Ongoing focus on conducting of Job Safety Observations (JSO’s) at workplaces. 

  • Implementation of all internal and external audit recommendations within identified timeframes. 

  • Ensure Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s) is conducted for all tasks.

  • Ensure Safe Work Procedures (SWP’s) is developed and available for all tasks. 



6.2 Safety Procedures

WFSP implements its OHS obligations through its safety officers and managers. All maintenance operations and crews comply with the following procedures in accordance with the SMP:


  • Risk Assessment – Ensure safety work environment for all crews.

  • Equipment and Tooling – Ensure the pre start checklist is completed before use

  • Safe Work Procedures (SWP’s) – Ensure correct operations on all equipment and tooling.

  • Job Safety Assessments (JSA’s) – Ensure all safe work practices are fully understood and followed.

  • Take 5 (Job Safety Observations) - Done prior to the job commencement and where/if job scope changes.

  • Fit for Work Checklist – Breath testing of all crews prior to entering work site.

  • Pre-Start Checklist – Carry out Pre-Start on all equipment to be used. Fill out and sign off on Pre-Start Checklist forms

  • Toolbox Meetings – Discuss safety issues and incidents. Prevent/avoid potential incidents and hazards. Create a safe working environment.

  • Safety Officer – Constant monitoring of WFSP personnel and ensuring that all WFSP and clients safety protocols are always adhered to.

  • Liaise with client safety department.

Environment Commitment

The key to WFSP’s environmental management is understanding our surroundings and our clients requirements. Essentially our staff are also trained on site specific directions, for example our clients in Asia are involved with inland mining operations whist some of PNG established clients are island based with close proximity to the oceanic regions. WFSP is committed to regional acceptance training and understanding to all environmental issues and the country specific locations.  


  • Environmental management is a key KPI for contracted staff and management. 

  • As part of the management review 2020/2025 the directors are committed in conjunction with our sponsored companies to net zero emission by 2050.

  • Our commitment to environmental management is a close second only to the safety management of our staff. 



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